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Cold Forged Bright Annealed Stainless Steel Tubing

 Cold Forged Bright Annealed Stainless Steel Tubing

CFBA Tubing

Product ID: CFBA Tube

Setting New Standard Archiving Tough Demands,

Pioneering Thinking for Top of the B.A.

Tubing by C.F.B.A Patent Process.

1. One D VS. 3D Quality.

People only care about tubing’s tradition quality (surface roughness Ra value of I.D. & O.D, material composition, dimensions, )
DTI also care about tubing’s inside material structure from the best grain structure, density & higher mechanical properties. (3D, care).

2. 30%H2+N2BA. VS. 100% H2 BA Process. Partial Recrystallization VS Completed Recrystallization.

We use 100% H2 for our bright annealed process, without N2 pickup, without intergrnular corrsive with optimum metallurgical condition to enhance performance.

3. Quality VS. Consistent Quality. Brand New Quality VS Years Quality. Bead Worked & Bead Reduced VS. Cold Forged.

In CFBA process, whole raw tube was forged and inside surface was forged into Ra≦12 µIn/0.3 µm or better. Without any mechanical polished, chemical polished or electro polished.
Regular tube/pipe might varyform batch to batch. Even single tube to tube. Consistent quality of cold forged. Complete reduced and proper bright annealing step are require for homogenization of tube. This tubing is true hight purity tubing.

Form the grain size of microstructure, {higher purity & corrosion resistance to higher density (hardest tempers /tensile/strength)are superior worldwide manufacture remain high weld ability (Creq/Nieq≧1.45)}.

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